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How Sun Affects Your Acne

I remember being a teenager with acne, and I always thought a day in the sun would help to dry up my zits and give me clear skin for a couple of days. Boy was I wrong. Especially since I am 50% Irish, and usually ended up scorching my skin in the name of a clear complexion.

Little did I know that my time in the sun further aggravated my acne breakouts, because it dried my skin out severely for the next few days after the sun-bake, and made my skin overcompensate for the oils that were being sucked up like a sponge to help heal my burnt and dried-out skin.

Sure, it might have helped camouflage the actual pimples a little by adding some color to my face, but other than that, laying in the sun, and especially scorching one’s self, does quite the contrary to the skin.

Not to mention the long-term damage this does. Basking in the sun for prolonged periods adds to that lovely cumulative aging effect of the skin called wrinkles, sunspots, liver spots, and fine lines because it breaks down the foundation of the skin since the excessive free radicals created by the destruction of your “good cells” by the sunlight have wreaked havoc on your skin’s cellular structure, breaking it down and wearing it away, or AGING it!

So, the moral of this story is, use your sunscreen. A good one to buy that does not contribute to acne is Neutrogena’s sunblock for the face. It is non-comedogenic and doesn’t contain any of those nasty irritating sunblock ingredients that cause redness, itching, and burning in many individuals.


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