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Can Some Natural Acne Treatments Offer Anti Aging Benefits Too?

With the plethora of natural acne treatments out there, it’s hard to determine which one will work – ON YOU.

Some of the treatments are designed with acne-fighting in mind, but due to their antioxidant ingredients, they also benefit your skin by fighting free radicals that not only aggravate and contribute to acne, but also contribute (big time) to aging – ie wrinkles, crows feet, age spots, and all that fun stuff!

So, you ask, how can something that fights acne also combat the signs of aging. That’s easy. Acne and aging are both skin disorders that affect nearly everyone. They are both caused to some degree by defects in the oil glands, over or underproduction of certain skin-balancing hormones, and environmental factors such as stress, sun, and other uncontrollable factors.

Antioxidants, especially those found in some particular vitamin-packed natural and herbal acne remedies – see the acne product reviews page to the right for information on some of the best ones – they help to equalize your skin by fighting all of these elements and bringing your skin back to hormonal harmony, as well as keeping those nasty free radicals that only cause further aggravation, redness, and scarring, at bay.

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