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Toothache Relief

Ouch! You just bit into an apple and felt nothing but sharp pain! There is a good chance, if that pain came from your tooth, that you have a toothache. Most people do not know this, but tooth decay is the main cause of toothaches in both adults and children. Of course, just because you have a toothache, does not mean that you have a decaying tooth. However, what does happen from time to time is that bacteria, which lives in your mouth, find the plaque that is on your teeth and clings to it. Over time, this wears down your teeth and causes decay. The bacteria can break down your teeth with the acid that they make. This can eat through the coating on the outside of your teeth, which is called enamel. Either way, a toothache, whether it’s caused by decay or not, can cause a lot of pain when you eat something sweet, hot, or cold.


Now that we know what toothaches are, who gets them? Well just about anyone can get a toothache. Even people who take perfect care of their teeth get toothaches. However, if you do take good care of your teeth, you will notice that you get toothaches less often. Besides that, the people who do not take care of their teeth will notice that they get tons of toothaches. If you have lots of toothaches, then that could be a sign of decay. Then your best chance to get a toothache treatment is to go see your dentist.


The symptoms of a toothache are not something that you can see, but something that you can feel. A toothache can cause pain for you almost all the time. It is almost like a pain that is always there! However, when you eat something, the pain does get worse. The signs and symptoms of a toothache are pretty common. Everyone feels some pain in their teeth from time to time. Your goal is to find out if you have very sensitive teeth or if you are having a lot of toothaches. After all, there is a difference between having sensitive teeth and having toothaches.


How do you know when it’s time to go see your dentist for a toothache? Well normally, you should go see your dentist if the toothache lasts for more than two days. That is normally not a good sign. Also, if you have a fever with a toothache, then that means that you could have some kind of infection that has spread through your tooth and into your body. Last, but not least, if you have swollen gums or very bad breath, then you need to go see your doctor. Decaying teeth always have very bad smells to them. Of course, that makes sense, because when anything is decaying, it never smells good.


Finding a treatment for a toothache is going to depend on what is causing the toothache. If you are just having a toothache, maybe because your teeth are too sensitive, then you can go to the store and get toothache medication. This is stuff that you can buy at the store, and it will take care of your toothache in no time. It is kind of like fast-acting toothache relief. If that does not work, then you need to go see your doctor. If you have a decaying tooth, then you need to go get it taken care of. Do keep in mind, that there are a few home remedies for toothaches that you may want to try as well.

Home Remedies

First of all, you need to go see your dentist if these toothache home remedies do not work. The first thing that you should do is rinse your mouth with warm water. Using cold could make the toothache worse. Next, you need to use some dental floss to remove food that could be between your teeth. If you have food that is stuck between your teeth it can cause bad toothaches. As said before, you can even use some over-the-counter medication to relieve the pain of a toothache. This only works for dull pain. Also, be sure that you brush your teeth to remove anything that could be built upon your teeth.


Toothaches are not fun things to deal with. However, if it’s just a toothache, then you are in good standing. Whenever you find out that it is not a toothache is when you need to start worrying. Be sure to talk to your dentist if you feel like there is something wrong with your teeth. Only he or she will be able to let you know if you need work done on your teeth or not. Even if you do not need work, at least you will be able to rest better knowing that you do not.


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