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Acne Hitting More People in Midlife Now

I read an interesting article recently about how the occurrence of acne in people in midlife – meaning late forties and fifties, is increasing at a noticeable rate. While we may think that this is easily treatable, adult acne is a little trickier, because you are dealing with aging skin that is a little thinner and not as “tough” against the common acne treatments that tend to dry out the skin, as commonly used by teens, the most affected age group when it comes to acne.

And it’s not just treating the acne itself that becomes a harder task, scarring is a bigger issue in aging skin since the skin is less elastic and likely to “bounce back” after acne has eaten a hole in their skin. This means more pitting and scarring where acne lesions once stood, due to less skin resilience.

Researchers also commented that often the blow that acne blemishes can deliver to your confidence and self-esteem can leave you feeling insecure and confidence-lacking, no matter how old you are.

Most dermatologists note that oftentimes adults in the midlife age bracket are shocked that they are breaking out in acne blemishes since acne is commonly associated with adolescence, but it seems in these modern times of increased stress and poor diet choices, everyone is prone – even those who may already be grandparents!

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